Refresh everyday routines

From new and unique tools designed with intention to the bare necessities made from safer materials, we prioritize caring for children's daily wellness and establishing healthy, easily manageable routines from birth to the toddler years—and beyond.

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Chew on these...

...for happy, healthy gums and teeth. Made from silicone or safer, chillable EVA materials, our teethers are designed to provide soothing relief and sensory stimulation throughout a child's teething stages.

Launch baby's oral hygiene routine with the First Toothbrush, followed by the Teether Toothbrush and the Learning Toothbrush, all made from dishwasher-safe, hormone disruptor-free silicone.

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Every day can be spa day

All the gentle essentials designed specifically for keeping a little one's tiny, growing nails conveniently clean and smooth.

Each of our nail care tools is made with safer materials—glass, silicone, stainless steel, and natural wood—to help protect families' health.

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Treat their locks with love

Each of our brush and comb sets is carefully crafted with little ones' sensitive scalp in mind, made from pure materials, and designed to gently detangle and style swiftly-growing hair.

The Cradle Cap Brush & Comb are made from hormone disruptor-free Sprout Ware® plant-plastic to protect a newborn's health, while the Baby Brush & Comb and Learning Brush & Comb are made from lightweight natural wood.

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A gentler approach to bath time must-haves 

Our muslin towels, washcloths, wipes, and swaddling blankets are made from organic cotton—non-GMO, free of azo dyes and formaldehyde, and softer with every wash.

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Babies can't blow their noses

Our Bulb Nasal Aspirator and Tube Nasal Aspirator are made from Sprout Ware® plant-plastic and silicone to reduce a newborn's exposure to conventional plastics and provide safe, gentle suction to clear baby's stuffy nose.

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First aid made fun

Say bye-bye to booboos with friendly critter-shaped Cool Calm Presses to match any adventurer's style, and cute reusable face masks that make protecting families' health a cause for celebration.

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