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When Becky Cannon planted the first seeds for Green Sprouts in 1982, words like organic, holistic, locally grown, and eco-friendly were neither mainstream nor commonplace, but she was committed to providing safer, healthier products for her own daughters and children around the world. Today, over four decades later, we remain committed to nourishing the health of families and the natural world. ⁠

We are thankful to each and every Green Sprouts customer who has joined us in this 40-year journey and look forward to sharing many more years to come. 

what a difference 40 years makes

From day one, our mission has been Care for babies, Care for caregivers, and Care for the planet. Here's a small taste of what that has meant over the years.

the original reusable swim diaper

Since introducing the first swim diaper 31 years ago, we have been families' #1 source for comfort, confidence, and eco-conscious beach days and pool play. With patented triple-layer protection, a lightweight design, comfort seams, and a brilliant rainbow of colors and prints, our swim diapers have kept more than 20 million little swimmers kicking safely and less wastefully.

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testing for PVC begins

We've always been at the forefront of testing for harmful chemicals and hormone-disrupting additives. Our products are tested to the highest global standards—and in many cases, surpass those standards, as was the case with polyvinyl chloride or PVC, which we eliminated from our products beginning in 2003.

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testing for BPA begins

The same is true of the plastic additive Bisphenol A (BPA), which we eliminated from our products starting in 2006, though it wasn't banned by the FDA for use in baby bottles and sippy cups until 2012. Now, we test for the many new additives developed to replace BPA that have the same potential to cause harm.

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Sprout Ware®

A safer, stronger, more sustainable plant-plastic over 10 years in the making. Free of hormone disruptors and carcinogenic additives, but just as durable and convenient as petroleum-based plastics. From stacking toys to big kid water bottles, Sprout Ware® upgrades everyday essentials to long-lasting must-haves.

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grow healthy. grow happy.
the whole baby guide

From holistic development to healthy recipes and handy shopping tips, Becky Cannon's grow healthy. grow happy. is a complete resource for parents aiming to give their babies a healthy beginning.

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The Pocket System

The newest award-winning additions to our always-growing Sprout Ware® plant plastic collection. Made of pure, durable, squeezable materials, Pockets are a safer and healthier bottle for families and the planet—and they're a lot of fun, too.

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celebrating 40 years

What began as a grassroots mail-order business operated out of Founder Becky Cannon’s Asheville garage has since developed into a global lifestyle brand focused on empowering families to experience the joy of life with ease and confidence, through pure materials, extensive testing, and boundless curiosity.  

...and how we got here

For Becky, traveling and learning from different cultures is an integral part of providing healthy and practical products for the well-being and development of babies and families. She recently stared her story with the Speaking of Travel podcast.

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green sprouts in the news

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