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See why parents choose Green Sprouts to nurture naturally.

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The Best Baby Bibs to Capture Big Messes and Protect Outfits

Baby bibs are a staple to have around the house once your little one makes their arrival. They protect babies’ clothes from milk or food that may spill during feedings, or drool and spit-up that can happen any time. Babies are messy, and bibs can help cut down on outfit changes and laundry. ...

from VeryWell Family | April 2021

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The 8 Best Toddler Sun Hats

When the sun’s out, the fun’s out — there’s nothing better than taking your toddler outside to enjoy some warm weather (and help them burn that excess energy in hopes of a good nap later). And while your car may be full of beach toys and a sand stroller, there’s one other essential you need to pack before heading outside: one of the best toddler sun hats.

from Scary Mommy |  September 2022

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14 Top Beach Hats of 2022

As wonderful as it is to get outside for your dose of vitamin D – especially on a day at the beach – protecting your skin from the sun is extremely important. While sunscreen and sunglasses seem to get all the attention, another key component of your summer sun protection is a hat. Like all hats, beach hats come in a variety of styles, so you can ...

from U.S. News & World Report | July 2022

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The 6 Best Swim Diapers On Amazon — Plus, Expert Tips For Choosing Them

If your little one isn’t fully potty trained, and you have days spent at the pool, beach, or lake in your calendar, you’ll want to get them some swim diapers. Unlike traditional diapers — which will become saggy, waterlogged, and prone to leaks as soon as your little one starts swimming — the best swim diapers on Amazon will be designed to only keep solids...

from Romper   |  June 2022

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6 best swim diapers that real parents love

Whether you’re planning a family pool day or a trip to the beach, swim diapers are a must for babies and toddlers who aren’t potty trained. No matter which you prefer to use, a swim diaper should offer a snug fit and be durable enough for all-day play...

from USA Today   |  June 2022

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12 best diapers for newborns: Ranking, prices, and more

Whether you choose disposable diapers, cloth diapers, or both, one thing is certain: You'll want diapers that can handle the job. We analyzed reviews in the BabyCenter Community, plus used our editors’ research and experience, to discover parents' most-recommended diapers...

from Babycenter   |  June 2022

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10 Must-Have Products For The First 6 Months Of Parenthood

With an overabundance of baby products on the market in literally every category, it can be hard to make the “right” choice when shopping for your little. I approached my baby registry like I approach most things in life: with a lot of research, a spreadsheet, and a little bit of overthinking about whether I made the right decisions. In the end, my research...

from The Quality Edit   |  April 2022

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NAPPA Awards Sprout Ware® Sip & Straw Cup made from Plants - NAPPA Awards

Made from innovative, 100% plant-based plastic, the green sprouts® Sprout Ware® Sip & Straw Cup made from Plants combines function and sustainability with 2-in-1 sippy and straw spout drinking options to easily transition from breast-or-bottle feeding. The non-toxic Sprout Ware® plant plastic replaces petroleum plastics to avoid...

from NAPPA   |  January 2022

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Get Silky Smooth Locks With These Plastic-Free Hair Brushes And Combs

A good hair day may mean long flowing locks, bouncy curls, or a voluminous natural afro—and all are gorgeous! Unfortunately, mainstream personal care goods still use an overwhelmingly amount of plastic to help tame our hair—but the tides are changing. As we try to move away from plastic in hair care, the seven brands are leading...

from The Good Trade   |  January 2022

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9 Items You Need to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Baby

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, perhaps you’re already thinking about how to celebrate the holiday with your baby or toddler. Whether you’re cooking the big meal at home or attending a family get together, we’ve put together a list of items and gear that will make your day with baby flow smoothly...

from Jenna Hatfield   |  November 2021

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The Ultimate List of Baby Shower Gifts

Sometimes it can be really tough to find that perfect gift for a mom-to-be. What does she already have? Will she get duplicates? This list gives you neverending ideas to make sure the new mom-to-be is armored with everything she’ll need before baby arrives...

from Kim Kornfeld   |  September 2021

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11 Beach Essentials for Families with Babies

While beach vacations can be overwhelming for families—especially ones with newborns and toddlers—they can also create some of the best memories. Lugging just the right amount of baby gear (and not a single item more) can help relieve some of the pressure, so you and your family can focus on having a good time. We’ve rounded up beach-enhancing essentials that not only streamline the packing process but ...

from Conde Nast Traveler   |  May 2021

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7 mom-founded companies that are making it their mission to help other moms

Simply put, mamas know how to get things done. And when it comes to mom-founded companies , many have begun because a curious mother created something amazing that solved a problem or a question she had in her own parenting experience, and the idea was too good to keep to herself. Whether is was long, sleepless nights due to their baby losing a pacifier over and over again, or filling a ...

from Motherly   |  May 2021

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How to make baby food

Believe it or not, it’s actually easy to DIY baby food right in your own kitchen if you know how and you have the right supplies. By making your own baby food, you control the contents of your baby’s meal. You can save money by not paying the marked-up price for pureed apples or steamed peas. Plus, making your own baby food means you can choose reusable baby food containers instead of single-use glass or plastic...

from Chicago Tribune   |  May 2021

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9 Beauty Brands Mom And Baby Will Love

Many moms aren’t aware of the impact of what they’re applying on their skin until they become pregnant. And breastfeeding moms have to further worry about whether ingredients in their favorite beauty brands they slather on their skin and hair will absorb into their bloodstream and affect their baby while nursing, Even a superficial dive into all of the chemicals in beauty products can leave even the most nonchalant among us disturbed. Unfortunately, reading product labels is time-consuming and...

from Momtastic   |  May 2021

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