Dear Green Sprouts family,


Since 1969, when I was in college, I have fought for social change. I optimistically joined an AmeriCorps African-American community development program in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to help with the Civil Rights Movement. We studied Black history, psychology, and community activism. In this program, I felt pain and empathy for the history of racism in America and the world, yet, I was overwhelmed and disappointed, because I could not see how to change this long, long history of discrimination. No matter how much I tried to empathize and understand, I realized that I could never really know what it is like to be Black—and to feel how a Black person feels. Even though I could not feel what it feels to be black, I can continue to work for social justice in my community and raise awareness.

Change is long overdue. At Green Sprouts, our hearts are heavy and sad for the American Black community. This is our community, too. My grandson, Zo is half-Black and we worry that as he grows older, he could be shot for wearing a hoodie, or arrested and killed for a minor offense. Our Black community has endured and continues to endure oppression in this long history of racial injustice, which is still prevalent in the United States.

We express grief, shock, and sorrow over George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many other victims of unwarranted police brutality death. How many injustices and loss of lives must take place before this cultural corruption will change? To those we have lost, “We remember you, we honor you, and we stand up for you.”

Our mission at Green Sprouts is to nurture and support all children to grow healthy and happy so they can thrive and live positive lives. We believe in the fundamental equality, worth, and dignity of every human being.

We believe that our community has the responsibility to transform our culture, be examples, and to educate our children to practice justice and equality. Only by standing together, speaking out against racism, inequality, and prejudice, and sharing principles of unity and love, can our mission become a reality for everyone.

In these times, we feel an urgency to demonstrate our company principles through action. With these principles in mind we pledge to:

  1. Act with Intention – We will use our platform to stand up in times of injustice and to support Black communities. Join us in signing petitions that stand against racial injustice, such as the Color of Change platform to fight systemic racism. We also encourage you to check your state and local voting terms and requirements and be sure you are registered to vote!
  2. Nourish Compassionate Relationships – We will create and share stories that support and celebrate our diverse world and share resources for parents to have open conversations with their children about inclusivity. This list of children’s books about diversity and inclusion is a starting place to begin these conversations with your children.
  3. Create Prosperity for All –  We will donate 20% of our website sales in the month of June to Embrace Race and Color of Change. We will uphold businesses, entrepreneurs, and our industry partners founded by minorities to help contribute to their impact, growth, and success. Show support and shop with Black-owned businesses online or locally.

We stand in solidarity to support Black individuals, families, and communities against all forms of racism, bigotry, and violence. Our earnest hope is that these injustices give way to open hearts, accountability, and true change. We stand for the day when children of all races and ethnicities can live a radiant life that maximizes their full potential

We affirm that Black Lives Matter!


From our family to yours,

Becky and the Green Sprouts family